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Healthy Breakfast Quinoa

This morning I woke up and realized I only had a tiny, tiny amount of oatmeal left. Since I’ve been trying to eat mostly vegan lately, I didn’t want to eat yogurt or eggs for breakfast, so I thought I’d get a little creative and use inspiration from many recipes I’ve seen to create my own breakfast quinoa.

The result was actually amazing! I can’t wait to try this again tomorrow morning.

photo (22)

Since I rarely use real recipes and I just make things up as I go, here I’ll try to describe my process, in case you want to recreate it (which you should, because this was SO good).



Almond Milk


Dried Apricots (or any dried or fresh fruit)



Almonds (or walnuts)

I already had quinoa pre-made from last night, but if you don’t, you can start from scratch, which might actually be better. (I’ll be trying that tomorrow.) Mine was a quinoa-bulgur wheat mix, but I recommend just straight quinoa. I had… a normal serving size? About a cup? Not really sure. You can be more precise if you want.

I put it in a little sauce pan, turned the heat on low, and poured in some almond milk (but not too much at first). I tossed in some raisins, and a small amount of honey and cinnamon and some sliced dried apricots (though you can use whatever fresh or dried fruit you desire). I mixed it all together and kept adding almond milk until it was a consistency that looked good to me (I didn’t want it to be too watery but you can make it as watery or dry as you’d like). At the end, I chopped up some almonds (if you have slivered almonds, or shelled walnuts, even better so you don’t have to deal with cutting whole almonds) and tossed them in, and gave it a little taste test to see what I thought. YUM.

Since I had a tiny bit of oatmeal, I cooked that and mixed both together, and the result was a delicious, sweet, healthy, protein-filled, fiber-filled, nutrient-dense breakfast to start my day. Seriously this might be my new favorite thing. Dare I say… better than oatmeal??

TRY IT. I dare you.

Here are some suggestions for things to add, though the beauty of this is that you pretty much can just do whatever you want and it will most likely be amazing.

– Fresh blueberries

– Fresh strawberries

– Almond butter

– Avocados

– Maple syrup

– Peaches

– Mashed banana

– Protein powder

– Chocolate chips

– Greek yogurt

… The list can go on as far as you’d like. Just some ideas to get you started.

Seriously this is my new favorite discovery. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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Holy Oatmeal

This morning, like most mornings, I made myself my favorite breakfast food: oatmeal. Considering that I have high cholesterol, oatmeal is an amazing and delicious breakfast option, as it is filled with soluble fiber which helps absorb the LDL, or “bad” cholesterol in your bloodstream. It is also incredibly filling, which is great if you are trying to watch your weight because you wont find yourself starving in an hour like you would with other less nutritious breakfast foods, like sugary cereal or white bread. Oatmeal doesn’t overload you with calories (less than 150 in a serving), it has a good amount of protein in one serving considering its a carbohydrate (about 6-7 grams) and its super versatile so you don’t have to get bored with the same toppings every day.

My usual oatmeal (cooked with water, not milk) consists of a scoop of protein powder, cinnamon, ground flax seed, mixed berries, and maybe a few slivered almonds or walnut pieces, but I will make do with whatever is available. Here in France, my host family doesn’t tend to buy berries, flax seed, protein powder, or nuts (much to my disappointment) so I have had to buy some of my own supplies in secret, while expanding my oatmeal horizons by occasionally adding apples or bananas, or, my most recent discovery, peanut butter.

This morning I had already eaten some plain yogurt with preserves (a very French breakfast), which would have been fine but the preserves are very sugary and, well, I love sweet things so I kind of had a lot. So when I went for my second meal (of my 5-6 small daily meals), I wanted it to be a little lighter than normal, so I made oatmeal (measured exactly one serving because my eyes always deceive me when I try to eyeball it) with a scoop of protein powder, cinnamon, and just about 3 walnuts, broken into pieces. It was satisfying, filling, and as delicious as always, and not too high in calories.

Used this handy kitchen scale to get my portion correct

My oatmeal trying to seduce me with its romantic morning glow

Since today is Wednesday (and I’m an au pair), I work all day because French kids don’t have school on Wednesdays (lucky fuckers) so I don’t really get much time to exercise. I know I probably should, you know, wake up at like 6am and work out in my tiny little room or something, but I have totally lost my ability to wake up early for exercise (there was a time when I would wake up at 5am and be done with exercise by 6:30 am. Those days are long gone, but I hope one day I can get them back) so Wednesdays are what I will call my “rest” days, because I flat out don’t do shit. I spend 12 hours with a 6-year-old and I spend most of those 12 hours praying that she will be good to me…

Anyway, since I don’t get any exercise on Wednesdays, I have to be extra careful with what I eat because I won’t really be burning much off. To be perfectly honest, I’m rarely extra careful. I’m at home all day, usually near the kitchen with the kids, and my lack of willpower is on attack mode. I’m hoping that writing about it in this blog will start to help keep me accountable, so for whoever is reading out there, I urge you to hold me to my promises, including my promise to be honest with myself and with you!

Back to oatmeal.

There are tons of healthy oatmeal recipes out there for those of you that might not be entirely convinced about the mothafuckin deliciousness of this kickass healthy food. I use Pinterest to find great recipes, most of which I never try (but sometimes I do, and I’m rarely disappointed), but in case you’re feeling up for it, here are a few links to oatmeal recipes that look amazing, though don’t take my word for it… I’ve never actually tried most of these. (Though maybe now that I’m posting this, I actually will!)

Baked Oatmeal

Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Blueberry Cheesecake Oatmeal

Clean Eating Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

And a Youtube video with a few quick recipe ideas for oatmeal:

Thank you to WebMD for providing me with accurate nutritional information on this holy delicious food.

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Death By Granola

[I wrote this post a few days ago, before I had my blog up and running.]

This is my first blog post, and I’m not going to pretend like I have anything inspirational to say, because I don’t. Its 11am, and I’ve eaten the equivalent of two horses worth of granola and lots of yogurt. It’s not that granola is really that bad for you, but its very calorically dense so really you should only be eating a small amount. But lets be real here – who the eff ever eats a small amount of granola? Is that even possible? If you serve yourself a bowl of granola, lets say instead of cereal, for breakfast, you might pour about a cups worth into your bowl, and nom away as you would if you were eating a cup of Special K or Air-and-Water Flakes or Calorie-Free Puffs or some shit like that. But take 2 seconds to look at the nutrition facts on any box of granola, and you’ll quickly turn a blind eye, pretending you didn’t see that one serving is somewhere along the lines of ¼ cup, and that in that, you’ll be earning around 400 calories, half of which are from fat. So you pretend you saw nothing and try to enjoy your enormous bowl of heaven without the guilt. But you know better, and you tell yourself that next time you’ll measure out just one serving, and eat only that. And next time comes around, and you act ignorant again, because ignorance is bliss.

Until ignorance shows its face weeks later as a little extra bulge spilling over your pants and you vow to never eat granola again, and only eat lettuce and air. And then miraculously, granola appears in your pantry and you feel sad wasting it, you know, for the starving children, or, whatever, and you eat the whole damn box in one sitting because at least that way it will be gone from your sight and tomorrow you wont have to deal with its tempting little eyes ever again.

And thus is the cycle with granola. Or bread. Or cookies. Or pretty much anything delicious in the world.

So, yeah, I just ate a bunch of granola and it was so good as I was tasting it, but now I don’t taste it, I just feel it in my stomach, and I’m thinking about Oprah or whoever that said the clever little line, “A moment on the lip, a lifetime on the hip” and I’m starting to feel my post-granola guilt. Since today is Wednesday, which in au pair language means “your worst nightmare” (because kids don’t have school on Wednesdays in France, so you get to work 12+ hours that day with no time to yourself), I won’t be able to exercise, other than exercising my patience, and lets be real here, that’s not going to burn off my granola. Okay, well, maybe symbolically it will, if I learn to be more patient with myself in general, and learn to not expect change immediately, and of course patience is a virtue and all that, but shit, I don’t have any ever and I want abs NOW! And I want granola. Is it possible to have both?


Probably. If I ate the right serving size.


This is the shit that kills me every time. My host family buys it in bulk and I can’t escape it!



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