Exercise & Nutrition


I am the same way with exercise as I am with most other things in my life: distracted. I like change, and I don’t stick to things for too long before finding another interest and exploring it fully. Over the course of the past three years when my interest in health and fitness really kicked off, I discovered my love for running, kickboxing, triathlons, heated power yoga, and weight training and I am curious to add CrossFit and more martial arts to my fitness repertoire. I try to work out 4 – 5 times a week, for at least 45 minutes each time, though (depending on my schedule and the type of exercise) I really would like to aim for 60 – 90 minutes per session. In a past life, I somehow had time to exercise twice a day, though with my current schedule I find this nearly impossible, so I have had to set my standards to fit my current circumstance and adjust other factors (like food) accordingly.


When it comes to nutrition, I am equally scattered. I try, when possible, to follow the Tone It Up nutrition plan, which I discovered last year, though I haven’t been very disciplined with my diet lately. Here’s to hoping that will improve. The core of my nutrition philosophy (if I am even qualified to have one) is that I enjoy eating several (5-6) small meals a day, mainly, to be honest, because I love snacking and I’m always hungry so eating all day long helps me feel happier than eating 3 large meals with long gaps of foodlessness in between. I try to keep my portions to a reasonable size, but I am very aware that I usually don’t. (That’s something I am trying to work on too.) I prefer lean animal meat (chicken, turkey, or fish), lots of fruits and vegetables (though I’m picky about vegetables so I’m trying to expand my horizons), whole wheat carbs, and healthy fats. I avoid the obvious things (chips, fast food, soda, etc) but I also try to not eat red meat, rich dairy products, refined carbs, and I try (and usually fail miserably) to avoid dessert. I’ve done lots of research on nutrition over the years so I have a pretty strong grasp on how food works and I usually eat quite well, so my goal now is to have the willpower to eat a little less, with more discipline, in order to achieve more visible results in my physique and in my state of mind, and of course ultimately, lower my cholesterol. I will try to post my meals (and my struggles with them) as well as recipes, ideas, thoughts, and links to other nutritional information that might be useful for me and anyone reading this blog.


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