Hello and welcome to Strong Fits Well!

A little bit about me: I’m currently living in France as an au pair, and I live with a wonderful host family that enjoys food and all sorts of French cultural things, which I of course love as well. However, I found out last year that I have high cholesterol, and living (and eating) in France has made my battle with cholesterol incredibly difficult. I have always been interested in health and fitness, but now I feel even more motivated to make my health a priority and this blog is a way for me to stay on track and to share my trials and errors with others.

This is a blog about health, fitness, and wellness, as I learn how to stay healthy given all the constraints around me, but it is also a blog about self image, confidence, and personal empowerment, as these are just as important as what you eat (often times, more important). I am not trying to write a blog about getting skinny, or a blog about sticking to a rigid nutrition plan, or a blog about training for a marathon, though maybe all of those things will come as a result. I am writing a blog about strength. I want to be strong enough to make my health and my life a priority because I want to be able to carry my own groceries and run 10ks when I’m 80 years old. I want to be strong enough to exercise more because I love the way I feel after a good sweat. I want to be strong enough to challenge myself mentally and physically and I want to be strong enough to share that with the world. I want to be strong enough to love myself and I want those around me find their inner strength too.

This blog is my journey toward finding and losing willpower (and finding it again), towards being creative with my health when options are limited, towards learning how to be healthy in another culture, towards setting new goals and reaching them, towards learning how to love myself fully, and towards showing myself that I am stronger than I think I am.


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  1. kaycers says:

    I like that you said, “being creative” with your health. I think one of the most fascinating and important aspects of humanity is our creativity. My theory on the world’s problems are that we as a global community get stuck in ruts. it’s sort of like you described your pattern with health, ” finding and losing willpower (and finding it again)”. Ever notice how every 100 or 1,000 years or so we completely re-invent ourselves in a “New Age”. It takes creativity, breaking molds, learning and unlearning habits, for us as a species to evolve. Individual evolution works the same way me thinks. The cool thing is learning to do it consciously as opposed to the other, much messier way. 🙂 I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Let’s be internet friends!

    • So true! It is part of our biology as homo sapiens, blessed by our enormous brain, to be able to reinvent ourselves and use creativity to solve problems and overcome obstacles. We all have it in our blood to be able to redefine the type of person we want to be. I like thinking about this journey as a personal evolution. It’s an empowering word!
      And YES, lets be internet friends!!! So glad we’ve found each other 🙂

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