Thank You

I would like to take a quick moment before going running to say THANK YOU to two of my amazing followers who commented on my last post. It is because of you that I made time for yoga and meditation last night and it is because of you that I am not going to make excuses and will be going for my 4-mile run today, as I said I would.


Honestly, if left to my own devices, I would have probably just not done anything and then not told anyone about it. I feel sick-ish and generally just lazy right now, but I needed a little reminder of the promise I made to myself and to all of you.


To both of you, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have your words of encouragement. You didn’t have to comment… you didn’t even have to read this blog! But I am forever grateful that you did/do.


So from the bottom of my little heart, thank you.


I’m lacing up my running shoes, listening to Ace of Base, and getting pumped on life, thanks to both of you.


4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. kaycers says:

    Awww! I’m SO glad my comment impacted you this way!

    How’s this for wonderful synchronicity…your thank you post was just the confirmation I needed today! I was told only moments ago by a friend who believes I have helped him “reawaken” that I “have a gift for helping to inspire the journey.” Then, here you go publicly thanking me for giving you the encouragement you needed at just the right time!

    I feel flattered and humbled that I seem to have this impact on people when I’m just following my somewhat self-centered intuitions (I read your blog for ME, lol). I’ll be back to your posts regularly my dear! Happy jogging! Also, I am going to make time for my practices tonight as well, thanks to YOU!

    PS I LOVE Ace of Base! hahaha

    • Well you clearly have a way with words because just a few words from you and I altered/changed/improved my entire routine for the night. I meditated for the first time on my own, ever!

      You should totally feel happy about being able to impact people the way you do. I strive for the same!

      Tonight, I’m doing yoga again and meditation, thanks to you. Looks like we’re starting a good positive cycle for each other 🙂

      Thanks for reading!!! I can’t express how grateful I am when even one other person reads my little blog… Glad to know I’m reaching others out there.

      And again, THANK YOU for the encouragement. Often times, thats exactly what I need.

      • kaycers says:

        I think this is what I have been seeking in the “blog world” for a long time. I have authored a few different blogs, (e.g. but this one, Joyful Cacophony, I started with some close friends, has really been the catalyst to some wonderful things. For example, meeting you!

        I have recently been skipping out on my usual yoga and meditation practices. I am picking up old habits of being “too busy” to sit and be quiet with myself. I know I feel better when I do make time for those things, and yet it’s like I’m punishing myself by volunteering my time to other things! Then again, the other things are fun too. It’s strange, trying to find equilibrium is a challenge.

        On a somewhat unrelated note, I can’t stop listening to this song today (maybe it’s not so unrelated because maybe I AM exactly where I need to be hehe.) I hope you enjoy the message and the power of this one. It’s called Exactly by Amy Steinberg. Enjoy 🙂

      • Its amazing that we all struggle to make time for the things we really love and need. Why is that?? I totally know what you mean, about punishing yourself by giving your time to other things. For me, it’s just wasting time on the internet, not really doing much of anything. Need to learn to ease out of that internet addiction and free up more time for the things that really matter.
        PS love the song! Thanks!!

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