This is a quickie because I’m eager to get to sleep, but I just wanted to post a quick reminder to myself about all of my small accomplishments from today, because everything counts and it’s all worth celebrating, right?

– Slept 8 hours
– Woke up on time
– Ran 4 miles
– Controlled my portions at all meals
– Ate mostly (about 90%) vegan
– Practiced 20 minutes of yoga at night
– Cleaned my room before bed
– Replied to a few (though not all) lingering emails
– Caught up with several friends
– Worked from home, successfully (!)

When I list it all out like that, it looks pretty good!! I should do this more often. It’s nice to see what I’ve accomplished in one 24-hour period, and it’s important to recognize all the goals that were reached, even if they were small ones.

This feels good. Maybe I’ll do this again tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. Congrats on your accomplishments. The best way to reach your big goals is by attacking all your little ones as well.

    • Thank you! Yeah I’m learning that it is all related… my organization (or current lack-of), my sleep, my work, my time to myself… it all affects my overall willpower and it all helps (or hurts) me in reaching my goals in health and fitness.

      Thanks for reading!!

  2. burhenne says:

    I love this! I need to start doing the same. As for those lingering emails, I tried a little experiment where I said – okay, if you take care of just ONE task, you have permission to watch as much TV, relax completely, whatever, for the rest of the day – because that’s the only expectation. It’s worked out super well – usually I think those lingering tasks/emails are something I think I have to tackle and spend hours doing, but breaking it up (and letting myself feel successful about it) helps! I’m totally going to start tracking the day’s accomplishments like this. Thanks for sharing!

    • I need to remind myself to do this more often. Even on the worst of days, there is always something to celebrate. And allowing yourself a “treat” (non-food related) after accomplishing a task gives you even more motivation to accomplish just a little bit more. This is a great idea!

  3. […] that I love about myself. I may make another one of these lists later, along with another list of accomplishments from the day. I found that to be a nice reminder to myself that things really are going well, even if I’m […]

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