Vacation Struggles

This trip I have essentially thrown all self control out the window, as I do on every vacation. My thoughts are usually along the lines of, “I’m on vacation! I want to experience this place through the mouth and calories don’t count on vacation, right??” In Paris, my mom and I ate at some amazing restaurants where all types of exquisite French cuisine was consumed daily, for every meal. Currently, I am in Belgium, and I just ate the most delicious Flemish rabbit stew with Belgian fries… worth every bite, except this overwhelming fullness now is taking over my guilt, hardcore.

I’m realizing that I struggle between two very opposing forces – wanting to enjoy food and eating as I do so much, and wanting to be extremely healthy, fit, and in control. I never seem to be able to find a balance between the two, and my life fluctuates between intense periods of each emotion. Usually after indulging as I have been lately (and will continue to do as I travel to Barcelona in the next few days and beyond), I come home to a sobering realization that I’ve completely let myself go and I question if any of it was even worth it. When the motivation strikes, I cut all my bad habits out, cold turkey, and dedicate myself entirely and supremely rigidly to my health and fitness. Until, of course, that lifestyle becomes unsustainable and I crash and begin a new cycle of indulgence and comfort-eating, leading to another bout of extreme healthiness, and so on…

How do I break out of this cycle? What does it take to find self control, and keep it, for good? What do I need to do to to find willpower and develop a normal, healthy routine, regardless of circumstances (stress, vacation, social life, etc)?

These are questions I just need to keep pondering to myself, but if anyone has similar experiences, I’d love to hear about it. How have you struggled (and/or overcome) with staying healthy in different life circumstances and how have you worked towards avoiding a repetitive cycle like the one I’ve always lived in?

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2 thoughts on “Vacation Struggles

  1. This post essentially describes 10 years of my life. I believe a large majority of women find themselves in this category. I have managed to overcome the struggle and for the most part I do think the problem is rooted in self worth and is a control issue. Nonetheless your transparency in this topic is bold and I appreciate it.

    • Thanks for your comment! I’d love to hear about how you’ve managed to overcome this struggle and how you’ve found some peace in your self worth and self control? Any tips for those of us out there still struggling to find that balance??

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