I’m posting this not because I want anyone to think or feel that either of these two physiques is right or wrong, or more or less beautiful than the other, because all of that is a matter of opinion and entirely subjective. However, I’m posting this as a reminder that anyone has the power to make changes to their life when they see that change is needed… whether that change means losing weight, gaining weight, getting healthy, having better grades in school, being more productive at work, finding self confidence, becoming more organized – whatever it is you are trying to achieve and trying to become stronger in, this is a reminder that you CAN. As I posted recently from Jillian Michaels, “why not you?!”

This girl decided to lose weight and get extremely fit, and though it took her two years to reach a place where she felt ready to share her success with others, she achieved her goal and that sense of dedication and willpower is what is most inspiring here to me.

She is beautiful no matter what, but now she’s healthier, stronger, and has so much more energy and clarity of mind to live her life as best as she can. If she can do it, why not you, and why not me?

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One thought on “Transformation

  1. […] least thats what I always end up thinking to myself. Whenever I see a before-and-after picture like this one I recently posted, I am filled with two opposing emotions: an overwhelming sensation of “If she can do it, I […]

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