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To all of you, my dearest, strongest, badass readers… I have so many thoughts to share and I can’t wait to sit down and write them all out, but these next 10 days are going to be a little bit less routine than normal because yesterday my mother arrived in Paris to visit me! She’s more spontaneous and last-minute than I am (I get it from her) and she planned this trip literally just a few days ago. Then I’ll be in Barcelona for a few days (yeah, life is tough when you live in Europe…), so I’m anticipating lots of food, lots of dessert, not a lot of exercise, and lots of guilt in 10 days, but I will try my best to post and keep you updated on the struggles of being healthy on vacation. Meanwhile though, I’ll be posting lots of pictures, as I’ve been doing. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!! You are all my inspiration and you continue to be even while I stuff my face with an almond-praline eclair.



Catch you all on the dark side, and dont forget to stay tuned.

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