The Easy Wednesday Lunch

Last Wednesday, I made a meal for the girls and I that involved more of the same ingredients I always use, because I refuse to feed them or myself anything unhealthy. I sometimes wonder if they think I don’t know how to cook because I always make the same things? Either way, maybe one day they’ll thank me…. or not. Whatever. #ungratefulchildren

I made a healthy veggie stir fry and some baked chicken breast, and since the little one loves peas, I steamed some frozen peas for us as well. The girls smothered their food in ketchup/barbecue sauce and I wanted to cringe a little bit, but I know when you’re a kid, thats the only way to make food taste good, I guess. And I’m not going to lie, I fucking love ketchup. But I didn’t eat any, because ew… high fructose corn syrup? No thanks. Also, thats just ew in general when its not on a burger.

Anyway, I digress… from whatever point I wasn’t even going to make. Because I had nothing real to say.

Host mom left us a small cantaloupe, so I cut that up and we ate it as dessert. It was so sweet, so juicy, and so refreshing on that somewhat warm afternoon.


Eggplant, mushrooms, carrots, leeks, onions, garlic, sauteed in a big wok with just a little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and chili flakes for taste.


Makes my mouth water just looking at it. How does this shit come from nature!? Nothing human-made can even come close… I don’t even know why we bother.

Lessons learned? Ummm, nothing that’s really going to knock your socks off. Eating healthy is easy. Get over your laziness and just do it.

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