The weekend is over, sadly, and I wanted to do a quick recap of what worked for me, health-wise, and what didn’t this weekend. Since weekends are always tricky for everyone I imagine, I think it helps me to be aware of what I do to hopefully improve my willpower for next weekend.

This weekend, I am proud of:

– My 5-mile run on Saturday morning, where I discovered a little secret path alongside the river. Finding new paths along the same running trail I always run down made my run so much more enjoyable.


– Cooking dinner at my friends apartment. Not only was it cheaper than going out (I’m so broke!), but it was healthier and we could control exactly what we were putting in our bodies. We made ratatouille (sauteed eggplant, zucchini, tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil), quinoa, and baked sweet potato wedges (with rosemary) and drank some [very cheap] red wine.


– Waking up early to go running on Sunday with my friend, and taking 15 minutes out of our run to do some intense exercises like burpees, jump squats, spiderman pushups, crunches, etc. Working out with someone helps keep you motivated and it pushes you to work a little harder than you would when you’re alone. A great way to start the day!


Went running here.

– Having a picnic with another friend (it was the first day of warmth in Paris) and bringing our own healthy lunches instead of buying something expensive and less healthy. I brought tuna with avocado and tomatoes on a slice of whole wheat bread, an orange, and some almonds. My friend brought a lentil salad, hummus, guacamole, and fruit. Again, it was a great way to save money and to stay healthy at the same time.


Everyone had the same idea as us. Picnic in Paris.

– I walked everywhere on Sunday. Like literally everywhere.

– Because of the heat, I think, and because of all the protein in my tuna lunch, I wasn’t hungry the rest of the day on Sunday so my food choices were light and healthy (for the most part) – mostly fruit and nuts.

I had a few slip-ups, like we all have, that involved cookies, ice cream, and doritos, and I’m not entirely proud of all of those choices, but they were tasty and great and overall this weekend was SO much better (health-wise) than last weekend, when I feasted like crazy and regretted it for days. So much about weekends involves being social, and so much about being social involves food, so its often hard to stay on track with your goals during those two critical days each week. But I’m learning to develop awareness of what I do on weekends and why, and I aim to use this awareness as motivation to improve my habits slowly. As I’ve said before, a lifestyle change or improvement happens little by little so I’m trying to make small improvements here and there to eventually reach a better level of willpower and personal strength. This weekend I learned how nice it can be to make your own food, bring your own food, and live cheaply. I’m looking forward to applying this next weekend, and to tackling a new challenge along with it.

What did you learn this weekend? How do you hope to improve that by next weekend?

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