Resisting Temptation

Today I am resisting temptation. This is my intention for today.

As some of you may recall from my first real post, the granola in this household stares at me on a daily basis and constantly yells at me, “PUT ME IN YOUR FUCKING STOMACH, YOU WEAKLING!!”, and usually, I just say “Yes Master” (It’s not a coincidence that the brand is called “Master Crumble”… jus’ sayin’) and I abide, obediently, because I’m a good girl and I do what I’m told.

But not today! I’m feeling rebellious, sticking my middle finger up to all Master Crumbles and all other Master anythings that are tempting me with their stupid little eyes. I am stronger than that.

I just poured a bowl of granola for the little girl and while my fingers wiggled eagerly at the prospect of grabbing just one little morsel, I knew that its never just one, so I resisted and walked away. I don’t need that shit! I respect my body more than that. At least today I do.

PS… WordPress is recommending tags like “Satan”, “Christ” and “Tyler Perry” for this post…

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