New Day

Today is a new day and anything I was feeling yesterday does not have to follow me today. My friend (who helped me out yesterday) always asks me this incredibly useful question: “What are your intentions for today?” and “What will you do to achieve them?”

** Pause in my writing… this song just came on my playlist and the first line is “Wake up, its a beautiful morning…”, and somehow thats exactly what I needed to hear (despite the fact that its cloudy and miserable as shit outside because I live in Paris and there is no such thing as sun here), so here you go:

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing from POPFRENZY HQ on Vimeo.


Anyway… My intentions for today are to let my anxiety from yesterday be done and allow myself a little bit of happiness, even if that means a little indulgence. I am in Paris and I want to enjoy it and its Saturday and life is good.

I’m going for a run now to clear my head and set the mood for the rest of the day. Today is the Paris Marathon… maybe I’ll catch the end of it and get some inspiration. Hmm.

I am stronger than yesterday. And I am as worthy as I was yesterday too. Remembering this is my intention for today.

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