Shitty Sleep

Never underestimate the importance of a good nights rest AND of a good sleep schedule. Living abroad with family and friends back in the states makes it far too easy for me to stay up far too late, talking to people and browsing the web until 3am. Last night (and the past 3 nights) I did exactly that, and I woke up today at 10:30am, feeling exhausted but stressed about waking up so late, so I forced myself out of bed because I felt worthless otherwise. Now my whole morning is gone and I’ll just have barely enough time for a quick work out, lunch, and a shower before I have to work. I hate this feeling.

Having a regular sleep schedule with normal hours is so important for your health and for your state of mind. Personally, I love waking up early and “getting things done” in the morning, because at night my brain is mostly asleep anyway and I can’t accomplish anything. I need to start learning to break this unhealthy sleep cycle and start going to bed at a decent hour.

Anyone living abroad or in similar experiences have any tips on how to make this happen without missing out on precious friend-and-family time with those back home?

And for friends and family reading this… I might have to start cutting our late night conversations short, and maybe swapping them for occasional early-morning conversations (as long as I’m not keeping you up too late either!). Love you and miss you all.

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